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Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier (H-rated series)

23 Mars 2011

For young riders demanding race-level response at an affordable price, it has to be the new H-rated series of Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier tyres.

When you’re first starting out on two wheels, it’s vital that you have the best equipment you can afford. Apart from the bike itself, the best investment you can make is in your tyres. They’re the first and most important link between you and the road or track.

Dunlop’s new Sportmax Qualifier tyre has been specially designed to give young enthusiasts and race fans the best sports tyre for their money.

Using compound technology derived from the GP Racer D211, Dunlop’s high-performance road/track-day tyre, Qualifier combines near-race tyre performance with amazing value for money.

This is the first tyre to bring race-compounding features to the keen young sports rider. Available in a 125cc-friendly range of 17-inch H-rated sizes (speed-rated up to 210km/h / 130mph) the Qualifier’s racing compounds give a lot of grip on the track without sacrificing road performance.

“We’ve long wanted to provide a tyre specifically for the growing number of young riders who are taking their smaller sports bikes on the track at weekends, says Sharon Antonaros, Marketing Director for Dunlop Europe, “They need one set of well priced tyres that can offer them grip and safety on the road but goes on to deliver high performance on the race track.”

If you’re a young rider looking for race-level response, reassuring stability, feedback and the predictability you need to find your limits – all at an affordable price – it has to be the new Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier H-rated series. They are available now, all over Europe.

110/70 R 17 54H TL
120/60 R 17 55H TL
120/70 R 17 58H TL
150/60 R 17 66H TL
160/60 R 17 69H TL

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