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Dunlop, more than 120 years changing the world

It was back in 1888 that John Boyd Dunlop, a Scottish vet living in Belfast, replaced the solid tyres on his son’s tricycle with thin rubber strips, glued together and inflated with air. It was the first step along the road of a brand that was to provide some of the world’s best known and widely known products.


How is Dunlop tyres related to the rest of the Dunlop brand?

The Dunlop brand heritage commenced with pneumatic tyre invention in 1888, more than 120 years ago, by John Boyd Dunlop. With a long list of continues success, the Brand later spread from tyres, to a different variety of other products amo...


Dunlop Tyres around the world

In 1999 some Goodyear and Dunlop tyre business in Europe, Japan and USA were merged through an alliance between Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company of the USA and Sumitomo Rubber Industries of Japan and six new joint venture companies were form...


Career opportunities

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