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SP 446 17.5 & 19.5"

  • Routier
  • Routier Moteur

The SP446 offers optimum traction troughout the tyre life ensuring high mileage and robustness.

  • High mileage performance in all applications
  • Winter capabilities (3PMSF) and life long traction
  • Functional versatility in a wide range of services
  • Rechapable


Évaluation des performances

  • Résistance aux dommages 5 sur 5
  • Potentiel kilométrique 4.5 sur 5
  • Traction en toutes saisons 4 sur 5

En fonction de Dunlop tests internes

Dimensions disponibles

" Dimension


Largeur de la section du pneu, rapport d'aspect, construction (R= Radial) et diamètre de la jante.

Indice de charge (LI2)

Indice de charge

Indique la charge maximale que peut porter le pneu.

Code de vitesse (SI2)

Code de vitesse

Indique la vitesse maximale à laquelle le pneu peut rouler.

Charge par essieu (Kg)

Charge par essieu (kg)

Poids maximum par essieu.

Pression gonflage

Nominal Pression gonflage

Gonflage nominal (bar).

Jante rec.

Jante rec.

Largeur de jante recommandée (par l'ETRTO).



Bande de roulement Adhérence sur la neige Adhérence sur la glace

Adhérence sur la neige, Adhérence sur la glace


Dunlop SP 446 17.5 - 19.5
  1. 1. Directional pattern with optimized low angle V-shape

    V-shaped grooves effectively evacuate water, mud and snow while the low angle design increases robustness and resistance against high-torque stresses -> More traction and robustness

  2. 2. Open grooves and high number of wave shape sipes

    The sipes increase flexibility allowing the block to open when it enters the footprint and create additional biting edges for further increased traction on hard packed snow surfaces -> Improved traction on all surfaces through the tyre life; excellent Winter mobility

  3. 3. Shoulder tie-bars

    Tie bars increase the stiffness of the tread and reinforce the shoulder areas; resulting in less block movement and slippage -> Increased rib tear resistance in high torque applications and even shoulder wear

  4. 4. Progressive centerline humps

    Humps connect the tread blocks for limited block movement and reduced tread wear; the optimized stiffness improves late life traction -> High mileage potential and traction, reduced rolling resistance


  • Long haul
  • Regional haul
  • Urban traffic


Both SP346 and SP 446 feature a very robust carcass structure bringing durability and peace of mind for the user 

Strong belt structure to resist to impacts while providing comfort and durability 

Robust bead area to cope with high variability of loads

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