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RunOnFlat (ROF)
Dunlop Self Supporting Technology (DSST)


The Dunlop RunOnFlat technology ensures mobility even without air. The Dunlop RunOnFlat tyre patented sidewall construction minimizes flexing and the risk of detachment from the rim. A completely deflated Dunlop RunOnFlat tyre offers continued mobility within a distance of 80 km/50 miles at 80 kmh/50 mph maximum speed – under normal driving conditions.


Advantages of the Dunlop RunOnFlat technology:

• The patented sidewall construction carries the vehicle’s weight even when the tyre is deflated.
• Special tyre construction with newly developed compounds avoids tyre destruction due to excessive flexing.
• Dunlop RunOnFlat tyres can be mounted on any standard rim (steel/alloy) without any special tools.



Safety Notice
Dunlop RunOnFlat tyres should only be mounted on cars that are designed for run flat tyres and equipped with a fully operating tyre pressure warning device, e.g. Dunlop WARNAIR. A maximum distance of 80km/50 miles and the maximum speed of 80 kmh/50 mph should not be exceeded. Please refer to your car’s manual as manufacturers’ advice for a particular vehicle may differ from the Dunlop safety notice.