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Winter Response 2

Confident braking and handling in all winter conditions

  • Excellent cornering grip on snow
  • Reliable winter braking
  • Good wet weather handling
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Winter
  • Dunlop SP Winter Response 2

EU tyre rating

  • Fuel Efficiency C C D D

    Fuel efficiency

    A measure of the tyre's rolling resistance, which has an impact on vehicle fuel consumption.

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    Note: Ratings vary by tyre size. View a specific tyre size to see the rating for that tyre.

  • Wet Grip B B C C

    Wet grip

    The tyre's braking ability on wet roads.

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    Note: Ratings vary by tyre size. View a specific tyre size to see the rating for that tyre.

  • Noise level 69 69 71 71


    The external noise generated by the tyre.

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    Note: Ratings vary by tyre size. View a specific tyre size to see the rating for that tyre.

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EU ratings vary by the tyre size. Enter your full tyre size to see exact values.

Performance ratings

  • Wet handling 4.5 out of 5

    Wet handling

    Ability of a tire to perform on a wet surface.

  • Wet braking 4 out of 5

    Wet Braking

    Braking performance of a tire on a wet surface.

  • Snow handling 3.5 out of 5

    Snow handling

    Ability of a tire to perform on a snowy surface.

  • Snow braking 3.5 out of 5

    Snow braking

    Ability of a tire to brake on a snowy surface.

Based on Dunlop internal tests

Key Benefits

  • 45° Shoulder Sipes

    Excellent cornering grip on snow

    The new Winter Response 2 features a tread pattern with 45 degree shoulder sipes for better traction when cornering on snow and ice.

  • Reverse Snow Guide

    Reliable winter braking

    Our innovative Reverse Snowguide block pattern captures snow in the centreline of the tyre tread for increased contact area, meaning more grip when braking and accelerating.

  • Sipe system

    Good wet weather handling

    High-density sipes mean more biting edges for improved wet weather braking and handling, as well as better traction on snow and ice.

  • Optimal shape construction

    Low rolling resistance

    Optimised shape carcass construction means less deformation in comparison to a standard tyre, for improved rolling resistance and better fuel economy.


  • Asymmetric Tread Design

    Asymmetric tread design provides improved handling and aquaplaning resistance. The continuous center rib increases stability and precision. The asymmetric groove arrangement enhances grip on wet and dry surfaces.

    Improved performance on straight lines and around corners; increased resistance to aquaplaning.

  • Multi Blade System

    Winter driving conditions can vary greatly. From cold and dry to snow or sleet, these conditions make very high demands on a tyre. Dunlop’s multiple blade system meets this challenge head on, with different types of blades for varying winter road conditions.

    Consistent performance in various winter conditions.

  • Multi Radius Tread (MRT)

    MRT designs employ ten different radii and are therefore more precise. This results in highly effective pressure deployment on the road contact patch. The effect is smoother transitions from straight to corner, leading to more precise and progressive reactions.

    Significantly better control over the evolution of the footprint in all driving conditions; responsive wet and dry handling; increased cornering control.

  • Specific bead seat system

    Strengthens the link between tyre and rim for a more precise driving experience. Like the grip between your hand and the steering wheel, the Specific Bead Seat System enhances control and conveys outstanding road feedback.

    Enhanced road feedback; greater stability and precision.

  • Jointless Belt (JLB)

    A Hybrid Overlay Technology that reduces circumferential deformations at high speeds.

    Superior high speed stability; smooth and even wear.

  • Silica-Plus Compound

    A motorsport derived tread compound that delivers high levels of grip, particularly on wet roads and in low temperatures.

    Superb braking and acceleration performance; high grip in wet and cold-weather conditions; low wear and tear.