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Winter Sport 5

The grip you need for unforeseen winter roads

  • Supreme lateral grip on slippery surfaces
  • Enhanced performance on snow-covered roads
  • Aquaplaning defense
  • Fuel effciency
  • Winter
  • Dunlop SP Winter Sport 5
  • Dunlop SP Winter Sport 5

EU tyre rating

  • Fuel Efficiency B B D D

    Fuel efficiency

    A measure of the tyre's rolling resistance, which has an impact on vehicle fuel consumption.

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    Note: Ratings vary by tyre size. View a specific tyre size to see the rating for that tyre.

  • Wet Grip B B C C

    Wet grip

    The tyre's braking ability on wet roads.

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    Note: Ratings vary by tyre size. View a specific tyre size to see the rating for that tyre.

  • Noise level 70 70 74 74


    The external noise generated by the tyre.

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    Note: Ratings vary by tyre size. View a specific tyre size to see the rating for that tyre.

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EU ratings vary by the tyre size. Enter your full tyre size to see exact values.

Performance ratings

  • Wet handling 4.5 out of 5

    Wet handling

    Ability of a tire to perform on a wet surface.

  • Mileage 4.5 out of 5


    Longevity of a tire.

  • Snow handling 4.5 out of 5

    Snow handling

    Ability of a tire to perform on a snowy surface.

  • Snow braking 4.5 out of 5

    Snow braking

    Ability of a tire to brake on a snowy surface.

Based on Dunlop internal tests

Key Benefits

  • Supreme lateral grip on slippery surfaces

    Innovative angled center sipes increase in length and improve their ability to open and grab onto surfaces, ensuring excellent lateral grip on slippery winter roads.

  • Enhanced performance on snow-covered roads

    Featuring an increased number of blocks, the Winter Sport 5 provides additional edges in contact with the road's surface, awarding you superior traction and performance on snow.

  • Aquaplaning defense

    Deeper grooves in the tire tread allow the Winter Sport 5 to evacuate larger quantities of water and slush, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and helping you maintain control on wet roads.

  • Fuel effciency

    With the unique Winter Sport 5 design, weight is optimally distributed throughout the tire, resulting in a lower rolling resistance and giving you greater fuel efficiency.


  • Flatter tread profile

    The new generation of Dunlop tyres features a flatter tread profile with a 4-8% bigger contact patch, depending on size and type of tyre. A bigger contact patch delivers more stability and enhanced road feedback, allowing tires to respond quickly and precisely.

    Increased stability and steering precision; reduced heel and toe wear; excellent cornering stability and precision; superior dry grip.

  • Multi Blade System

    Winter driving conditions can vary greatly. From cold and dry to snow or sleet, these conditions make very high demands on a tyre. Dunlop’s multiple blade system meets this challenge head on, with different types of blades for varying winter road conditions.

    Consistent performance in various winter conditions.

  • RunOnFlat

    Dunlop Self Supporting Technology (DSST)

    Dunlop RunOnFlat Technology allows for continued driving after a puncture or blowout for up to 80km. RunOnFlat tyres use reinforced sidewalls, which enable the tyre to maintain mobility after a complete loss of air pressure.

    Safety Notice
    Dunlop RunOnFlat tyres should only be mounted on cars that are designed for run flat tyres and equipped with a fully operating tyre pressure warning device, such as Dunlop WARNAIR. A maximum distance of 80km/50 miles and maximum speed of 80 kmh/50 mph should not be exceeded. Please refer to your car’s manual as manufacturers’ advice for a particular vehicle may differ.

  • Multi Radius Tread (MRT)

    MRT designs employ ten different radii and are therefore more precise. This results in highly effective pressure deployment on the road contact patch. The effect is smoother transitions from straight to corner, leading to more precise and progressive reactions.

    Significantly better control over the evolution of the footprint in all driving conditions; responsive wet and dry handling; increased cornering control.

  • Specific bead seat system

    Strengthens the link between tyre and rim for a more precise driving experience. Like the grip between your hand and the steering wheel, the Specific Bead Seat System enhances control and conveys outstanding road feedback.

    Enhanced road feedback; greater stability and precision.

  • Maximum Flange Shield (MFS)

    A rim flange protection system. MFS employs a profile of rubber that runs around the circumference of the tyre above the wheel flange. This creates a protective buffer zone.

    Protects expensive alloy wheels from kerbing.

  • Jointless Belt (JLB)

    A Hybrid Overlay Technology that reduces circumferential deformations at high speeds.

    Superior high speed stability; smooth and even wear.

  • Silica-Plus Compound

    A motorsport derived tread compound that delivers high levels of grip, particularly on wet roads and in low temperatures.

    Superb braking and acceleration performance; high grip in wet and cold-weather conditions; low wear and tear.

  • 4D Sipe System

    The 4D Sipe system sees the tread separated into a number of blocks that increase friction and stability during cornering. The system delivers superb lateral grip in snow.

    Superb cornering, even in snow.

  • V-Shape Grooves

    ‘V’ shaped grooves in conjunction with the tread’s basic grooves create a fine network, which collects snow in the tread. This snow-on-snow contact enhances traction and grip.

    Advanced snow handling.

  • Directional Tread Design

    Designed for those cold wet morning drives, the directional tread design forces the water between the grooves. Water is quickly channeled away from the tyre surface, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

    Reduced risk of aquaplaning.

  • Functional Polymers

    Functional Polymers in the tread compound produce enhanced performance characteristics at low temperatures, improving road adhesion when winter temperatures plummet.

    Exceptional grip at low temperatures.