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What makes Dunlop different

What sets Dunlop apart from the rest – on the road and on the race track

Our heritage

Making history

We started by inventing the pneumatic tyre in 1888 and we’ve been driving innovation ever since. Our tyres have won races and prizes, but most importantly, they’ve given generations of drivers standards they can rely on.
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Every Dunlop tyre is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory

Tyre tests

Pushing boundaries

We’ve built our reputation on high performance so we put our tyres through testing that measures everything from safety and road handling to noise and fuel efficiency. 
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At Dunlop, innovation in technology is at the heart of everything we do


Driving quality

Technology – it’s at the heart of everything we do. New ideas that deliver high performance in even the most demanding driving conditions. It’s why the Dunlop name is trusted by drivers everywhere.
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Some of the world's leading sports and luxury car makers specify Dunlop tyres as original equipment

Original equipment

Designed for you

We work with leading luxury and sport car manufacturers to ensure that drivers all around the world can enjoy the benefits of high performance Dunlop tyres.
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Over 125 years of Dunlop quality

Quality performance criteria

Our quality promise

3-15-50 – they’re more than just numbers; they describe the extensive testing we put our tyres through before they meet our rigorous standards. That’s our commitment to you – when you drive with Dunlop, you can drive with confidence.
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Eu tyre label

EU tyre label

The new EU tyre label gives you independent ratings for three important areas of tyre performance: fuel efficiency, wet grip and exterior noise. At a glance, you can quickly evaluate safety and environmental aspects of a tyre.
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