Grandtrek WT M3


Outstanding winter traction for high performance SUVs

  • Superb snow traction
  • Improved cold weather grip
  • High aquaplaning resistance

On road

Rim protection

Winter Grandtrek WT M3 image

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Why choose this tire

High aquaplaning resistance

A directional tread pattern with wide grooves ensures rapid water evacuation, reducing the risk of aquaplaning on wet and thawing roads.

Superb snow traction

The Grandtrek WT M3 SP provides the higher levels of traction your SUV needs on snow covered roads. The unique Multi Blade System features two types of blades that work together to bite into snow and maintain control.

Improved cold weather grip

The Grandtrek WT M3 SP benefits from a special high silica tread compound that retains elasticity at low temperatures. This translates into a firmer grip and shorter braking distances on wet, snow and ice.

Grandtrek WT M3 image