The adventure tyre that takes you wherever the road takes you.

  • Revised tread pattern for improved* mileage
  • Improved* wet performance, right up to the limit
  • Optimal balance between on- and off-road capabilities
  • Exceptional cornering grip in all conditions
  • Size kit adapted to suit the latest high-performance adventure bikes
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Front 19 100/90-19 57H TL TRAILSMART 57H TL 634143
Front 21 90/90-21 54V TL TRAILSMART 54V TL 634144
Front 21 90/90-21 54H TL TRAILSMART 54H TL 634427
Rear 17 120/90-17 64S TL TRAILSMART 64S TL 634140
Rear 17 130/80-17 65S TL TRAILSMART 65S TL 634141
Rear 17 130/80R17 65H TL TRAILSMART 65H TL 634139
Rear 17 140/80R17 69H TL TRAILSMART 69H TL 634138

What this tyre gives you.

What’s more, TrailSmart offers considerably higher mileage*, achieved by increasing the land to sea ratio, reducing the groove width and length while at the same time redistributing the tread blocks. Offering optimum on-road performance, TrailSmart allows the more adventurous rider to push on where paved roads end and gravel trails begin. * When compared to Trailmax TR91

TrailSmart is Dunlop’s next generation trail tyre for medium to large displacement adventure bikes. TrailSmart takes inspiration from the market-leading Trailmax TR91, maintaining a similar groove pattern that provides superior grip* in all conditions, dynamic handling combined with a high level of feedback and precise steering. * When compared to Trailmax TR91