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What are The Best Van Tyres?

When it comes to choosing the best van tyres for your van it depends on a range of factors including the sort of load to be carried, the size of your van, seasonality, and the amount of mileage you do. The best van tyres are the ones that will most closely suit your needs and minimise any tyre related downtime to keep your van on the road. 

Benefits of Premium Van Tyres:

Premium van tyres tend to be subject to additional testing from industry bodies and motoring magazines that cover braking in all conditions, handling, aquaplaning and cabin noise – therefore the competition amongst this segment tends to be high. Many of the technologies implemented in these tyres are generally built on years of experience from motorsport that influence the passenger and van tyre design.  

Overall, premium tyres are designed with high-quality materials and technologies designed to improve the fuel economy, handling, wear, and lifespan of the tyre along with the following benefits:

  • Reliability – premium construction and design influences the tread design to extend tyre lifespan
  • Structural strength – designed to carry heavy loads and withstand the high mileage demands of a van
  • Rolling resistance/fuel efficiency – Ability to cope with heavy loads with low rolling resistance to ensure fuel efficiency
  • Durable treads – covers high mileage on uneven road surfaces without wearing tread too quickly

Dunlop Econodrive summer van tyre

Summer Van Tyre: Econodrive

High mileage and fuel efficiency for economical driving

  • Designed for lower cost of ownership
  • Long-wearing compound
  • Excellent durability and handling
  • Wet-weather performance
Winter van tyre: Dunlop SP WinterSport 3D

Winter Van Tyre: SP Wintersport 3D

A high performance tyre for unpredictable winter weather

  • Drivability in all weather conditions
  • Excellent dry handling
  • Improved wet and dry grip
  • Aquaplaning resistance

What’s The Legal Minimum Tyre Tread on Vans?

In the UK the minimum legal tread for vans that are up to 3.5 tonnes or passenger vehicles with up to 8 seats is 1.6mm. For vans over 3.5 tonnes or vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats, there is a legal tread minimum of 1mm. Due to these laws, it is essential to monitor tread at regular intervals using a gauge and visual checks on the tyre itself. Choosing a van tyre with durable tread will mean:

  • Higher resistance to harsh road conditions
  • Extends tyre life
  • Helps to lower risk of punctures
  • Improved braking and handling on wet roads

Tyre Markings on Van Tyres

The markings on the sidewall of van tyres are similar to markings that are visible on passenger tyres – however, van tyres also include a C mark meaning it is designed for use on commercial vehicles. Some van tyres will also have the following marks:

RF - Reinforced

XL – Extra Load

Van Tyre Maintenance

Although van tyres are designed to be durable to cope with the demands of modern van driving such as high mileage and harsh road conditions it is essential to complete checks and tyre maintenance at regular intervals to help prolong the lifespan and maintain the drive characteristics/safety you’re used to:

  • Monitor tyre pressures monthly in line with recommended pressures in the vehicle handbook
  • Check the tread using a gauge and visual checks for signs of damage or uneven wear on tread and sidewall
  • Ensuring wheel alignment with servicing during changing or replacing tyres, checking for signs of wear
  • Ensure the load weight of your van is in line with speed/load ratings of your tyres – exceeding the load weight is illegal and could also damage your tyres
  • Rotating your tyres to support even wear patterns at 6000-10,00 miles
  • Maintain good driver habits of driving smoothly and avoiding harsh braking and acceleration that can put additional wear on tyres

Further tips and advice for maintaining your tyres are available in our guide to tyres.  

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