Combining the DNA from trail, supermoto, wet race and touring tyres, the Dunlop MUTANT is a whole new type of tyre – the Crossover. MUTANT’s extremely evolved tread pattern means you’re ready to conquer all conditions, every time you ride.

Sports and touring durability

The state-of-the-art compound with Rayon Ply Casing delivers superior performance and excellent mileage, thanks to a short warm-up time and increased durability.

Hypersport handling and stability

Dynamic Front Formula gives you Hypersport handling and optimised high-speed stability – Multi-Tread (MT) technology brings increased side grip when cornering. Perfect for today’s powerful crossover bikes.

Superior cold and wet grip

High Surface Area silica and 4 Season technology mean MUTANT performs in even the most challenging conditions – generating exceptional grip on both wet and cold roads.

Outstanding off-road capability

The unique MUTANT tread pattern combines the best of all worlds – giving you outstanding performance in all conditions and all terrains. So you can ride with confidence.