Developed for the long-haul hardcore adventure rider, the Trailmax Mission allows you to reach all corners of the planet, and still have enough tread depth left to venture off-road.

  • Ultimate mileage, durability and ruggedness
  • Real off-road performance for adventure bikes on tough terrain
  • Ride comfort for long distance adventure touring
  • The front Mission tyre features a symmetrical tread pattern that helps reduce uneven wear
  • The 19-inch sizes feature hollowed out knobs to create additional biting edges and knob flex for greater off-road traction. The 21-inch front tyre achieved Dunlop’s performance objectives without this additional detail, as the larger size of the tread blocks provided the desired level of traction without the need for hollowed out knobs
Fitment SIZE DESCRIPTION Load/Speed TT/TL Product Code
FRONT 19 100/90-19 57T M+S TL TRX MISSION 57T TL 637453
FRONT 19 110/80-19 59T M+S TL TRX MISSION 59T TL 637147
FRONT 19 120/70B19 60T M+S TL TRX MISSION 60T TL 637148
FRONT 21 90/90-21 54T M+S TL TRX MISSION 54T TL 637153
REAR 17 120/90-17 64T M+S TL TRX MISSION 64T TL 637431
REAR 17 130/80B17 65T M+S TL TRX MISSION 65T TL 637443
REAR 17 140/80B17 69T M+S TL TRX MISSION 69T TL 637432
REAR 17 150/70B17 69T M+S TL TRX MISSION 69T TL 637150
REAR 17 170/60B17 72T M+S TL TRX MISSION 72T TL 637152
REAR 18 120/90-18 65T M+S TL TRX MISSION 65T TL 637430
REAR 18 130/90-18 69T M+S TL TRX MISSION 69T TL 637429
REAR 18 140/80-18 70T M+S TL TRX MISSION 70T TL 637149
REAR 18 150/70B18 70T M+S TL TRX MISSION 70T TL 637151