A new adventure dawns.

The sun’s rising on a new era in adventure tyres.

With its innovative new tread pattern, all new compounds and Multi-Tread (MT) technology the all-new Trailmax Meridian is a class-leading performer, on road and trails. Our testing shows a substantial increase in mileage and handling in wet and dry conditions compared to its competitors.

The Trailmax Meridian makes the perfect partner for bikes with a sense of adventure. It’s a huge step forward, helping you experience new places, new adventures and a new-found confidence in a wide range of terrain.


Motorrad magazine put the Trailmax Meridian to test – and it was more than up to the challenge. The well-respected publication awarded our latest adventure tyre its MO TIPP stamp of approval.

Experts were particularly impressed with the Trailmax Meridian’s versatile performance in all conditions:

“Around 10,000 kilometres can be expected, depending on the riding style. The compound, construction and tread depth are designed so that the wear at the front and rear is fairly equal and the tyre can be changed in pairs.”

Maik Schwarz, Editor, Motorrad    

The all-new premium trail and road tyre.

For riders looking for adventure, the Trailmax Meridian takes them further. It’s packed with enhanced benefits giving greater mileage, increased performance and more freedom on the road and trail.


Exemplary handling

Innovative ‘Ice-Ax’ tread pattern gives sure-footed handling in all conditions.

Fast warm-up

Rayon ply casing minimises warm-up time and makes the tyres go further.

Improved wet grip

State of the art compounds and resin blends provide improved grip in wet conditions.

More miles

Multi-Tread (MT) technology increases corner grip and much improved mileage.*

*When compared to the TrailSmart MAX

See the sun rise on these special trails.

Europe has some extraordinary long distance trails, which Trailmax Meridian will help you enjoy all the more.