BMW M 1000 RR with Dunlop SportSmart TT tyres on the track



 New season. New tyres. From road to trail, a new set of Dunlop tyres underneath you means all the confidence and grip you need to enjoy the thrill of the ride. And all with £40 cashback. Visit to find out more.

Our select range includes the pinnacle of our hypersport range, the SportSmart TT, allowing you to push to your limits on track days, or the SportSmart Mk3 delivering hypersport performance you can ride everyday. Our latest sport-touring tyre, RoadSmart IV, for performance which is now stronger for even longer, or the Trailmax Meridian your perfect partner for bikes with a sense of adventure and for pure riding confidence, our crossover tyre – Mutant. Order your new Dunlop tyres today. Less strain on your wallet. More thrill in your ride.


Buy and fit a set of matching qualifying Dunlop tyres from the range featured here, between 15th April 2023 and 30th June 2023.

Go to and complete the online form.

Upload a copy of your VAT receipt.

Look forward to receiving your £40 cashback directly to your bank account.

Rules and Conditions of the promotional campaign denominated "More Grip: For Less."

 (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules and Conditions”)

 §1. General Provisions

1.The promotional campaign denominated "More Grip: For Less" (hereinafter referred to as the"Campaign") is a marketing action developed and implemented by Goodyear Operations S.A. with itsregistered office in Avenue Gordon Smith, L-7750 Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg, registered with theLuxembourg Trade and Companies Register under the number B71.219 (hereinafter referred to as the"Organizer"), aimed to increase the purchase of Dunlop branded Motorcycle Tires in the patternsdefined in Attachment 1 to these Rules and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Tires").


2.Implementation of the Campaign is supported and administered by PRO DUCT by Business Friends sp.z.o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Jankowska 10 (02-129 Warsaw, Poland) entered intoPolish register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIICommercial Division of the National Court Register under the number 0000004049 (hereinafter referredto as the "Administrator").


3.The Campaign is aiming to reward Participants fulfilling all conditions defined herein for the purchaseof Tires jointly with their fitment services, during the Term of Campaign, directly from points of saledefined in Attachment 2 to these Rules and Conditions (hereinafter referred to jointly as "Partners" orindividually as "Partner").


4.These Rules and Conditions are published on the Campaign’s site maintained under the followingwebsite: (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) during entire Term ofCampaign.


5.This Campaign is not and should not be, in no case, considered as a game of chance.


§2. Conditions of participation in the Campaign

1.The Campaign has been designed only and exclusively for consumers (i.e. individuals purchasing Tiresjointly with fitment services beyond their professional or business activity) residing in United Kingdomwho fulfilled all the below mentioned conditions during the Term of Campaign:

a)express their consent during the registration on the Site for Terms of use of the Site; and

b)register their participation in the Campaign on the Site by accepting these Rules and Conditions andby submitting relevant application (i.e. completing all mandatory fields on the Site and clicking on alink in the e-mail received from the Organizer resulting in completion of the registration process);and

c)properly registered on the Site purchase of Tires jointly with their fitment services in accordancewith § 4 of these Rules and Conditions.


hereinafter referred to jointly as “Participants” or individually as „Participant”.

2.The Campaign may not be joined by the Organizer’s personnel, members of their families and personnelof other entities participating in the development and implementation of the Campaign commissionedby the Organizer, nor persons having permanent working relationship with such entities on non-employment contract basis.




3.The Campaign may not be joined by any companies and individuals who purchase Tires jointly withfitment services within the scope of their professional or business activity.


4.The Organizer reserves the right to decide on withdrawing the Participant the right to participate in theCampaign in case of violation of these Rules and Conditions, as well as in case of conducting activitieswhich damage or compromise the good name of the Organizer, its reputation or interests. The Organizeralso reserves the right to decide on withdrawing Participants the right to participate in the Campaign incase of using by them incomplete or fake addresses, names or proof of purchase. In such case excludedParticipants lose the right to receive any Reward. If the Reward has been already received by excludedParticipants, the Organizer may require reimbursement of its equivalent directly from them.


§3. Duration of the Campaign

1.    The Campaign starts from 15.04.2023 and lasts until 30.06.2023 (hereinafter referred to as the “Term of Campaign”), which means that Rewards will be granted only for purchase of Tires jointly with their fitment services within the above-mentioned period by Participants fulfilling all conditions defined herein.

2.    For the sake of this Campaign the date of purchase and fitment of Tires is deemed the date indicated on the VAT invoices or receipts uploaded into the Site and confirming purchase and fitment of such Tires by relevant Participants.


§4. Campaign’s mechanics

1.    The Organizer undertakes to grant a Reward to Participants fulfilling all conditions indicated in these Rules and Conditions for purchase of Tires jointly with their fitment services within the Term of Campaign directly from any Partner under the condition that the above-mentioned purchase and fitment will be properly registered on the Site by 15.07.2023 in accordance with point 2 below and will be approved by the Administrator during the verification process.

2.    In order to obtain the Reward, Participants are obliged to register on the Site the purchase and fitment of a set ( one front and rear of same product name) of Tires covered by the Campaign and – if it was not done during their registration on the Site - indicate their bank account together with relevant sort code (i.e. IBAN and SWIFT/BIC number). During the purchase registration process Participants are obliged to upload onto the Site clear scans or photos of VAT invoices or receipts confirming purchase of Tires and fitment services directly from selected Partners within the Term of Campaign (including information about tire pattern, volume of purchased Tires, type and year of production of a motorcycle fitted with such Tires).

3.    All scans and photos of VAT invoices or receipts uploaded into the Site by Participants will be verified and approved by the Administrator. The Administrator will not disclose neither to the Organizer nor to any of its affiliates any commercially sensitive information obtained from Participants (in particular information about prices of purchased Products and fitment services).

4.    The Organizer reserves the right to refuse to grant a Reward to any Participant who has not properly registered purchase of Tires and fitment services on the Site together with all required information by 15.07.2023 or to any Participant who returned to the Partner purchased Tires after their registration on the Site.

5.    Subject to the limitation indicated in point 6 below, Participants who purchased Tires jointly with their fitment services from one of selected Partners during the Term of Campaign and duly registered such purchase and fitment on the Site within the timeframe indicated herein will be granted a reward in the amount of £40.00 for one set of Tires (i.e. front and rear tire of the same pattern) which have been duly registered on the Site and approved by the Administrator during the verification process (hereinafter referred to as the “Reward”).

6.    Each Participant can be granted only one Reward within entire Term of Campaign.


§5. Announcement of the Campaign’s results and payment of Rewards

1.    Verification process of completion by Participants of all eligibility criteria authorizing them to obtainRewards shall be performed by the Administrator by 31.07.2023 at the latest.

2.    All Participants will be notified within 14 days counted from completion of the verification processindicated in point 1 above about their Campaign’s result by an e-mail sent to the e-mail address providedby them during the registration process on the Site.

3.    Rewards will be paid directly by the Administrator to Participants within 40 days counted from completionof the verification process indicated in point 1 above. Rewards will be paid directly to bank accountindicated by each Participant during the registration process on the Site.


§6. Complaints

1.    Participants have the right to raise complaints concerning the Campaign.

2.    Participants are obliged to submit any complaints directly to the Organizer in writing by registered mailor by courier or by e-mail correspondence within 30 days from the date of reception of information onany irregularities related to the Campaign. Any complaints received by the Organizer after the above-mentioned period will not be considered by the Organizer. Complaints made by registered mail or bycourier shall be sent to the following address of the Organizer: Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations S.A.,Motorcycle Marketing Department, Avenue Gordon Smith, L-7750 Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg.Complaints made by e-mail correspondence shall be sent to the following e-mail address of theOrganizer:

3.    Decision on the acceptance or rejection of the complaint belongs to the Organizer who will inform inwriting the Participant submitting the complaint, within 30 days from its receipt, about his final decision.

Subject to different provision of point 2 above, any other communication between Participants, the Administrator and the Organizer shall be done through the Site or via e-mail correspondence sent to the following e-mail address of the Administrator: or to the following e-mail address of the Organizer:


§7. Personal data of Participants

1.    Your personal data will be collected during the course of this Campaign only insofar as required forthe organization of the Campaign, unless you have explicitly consented to your personal data beingused for other purposes. By participating in this Campaign, you declare that you understand that theOrganizer and Administrator will process personal data in accordance with Goodyear's Privacy Policy,available at


§ 8. Final provisions

1.    These Rules and Conditions are binding for all parties participating in the Campaign. The Rules and Conditions set forth Campaign’s principles, Campaign’s eligibility criteria, rights and obligations of the Organizer, the Administrator and Participants.



To Qualify, participants must purchase a set of tyres (one front and one rear tire)

  1. Roadsmart IV
  2. Sportsmart MK3
  3. SportSmart TT
  4. Trailmax Meridian
  5. Mutant



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