Drag racing tyre technology has not kept up with the radical advances in power and speed of the modern drag racing motorcycle. Dunlop saw the need and challenge of building a bespoke tyre with elevated capabilities, and the all-new Dragmax is the result.

  • Flat profile gives the tyre a massive footprint
  • Lightweight construction minimises unsprung and rotational weight/mass
  • Brand new extremely soft compound to meet the demanding requirements for all drag racing courses and conditions
  • NTEC construction combines the benefits of compliant cut-breaker construction with stiffer, continuously wound aramid-fiber, and Jointless Band (JLB) and Jointless Tread (JLT) construction for maximum stability, feel, and consistency
Fitment SIZE DESCRIPTION Load/Speed TT/TL Product Code
REAR 17 190/50ZR17 (73W) TL DRAGMAX (73W) TL 637377

What this tyre gives you.

Dunlop tyre technologies

We were the first to apply race tyre performance standards to street tyres. With engineers and designers across Europe, Japan and North America.



All our radial street tyres are designed using a combination of Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) as well as JointLess Belt (JLB) construction (either front or rear). JLB construction eliminates the belt overlaps resulting in smoother handling and a more stable contact patch with the road.



Dunlop’s ingenious NTEC pressure adjust system allows the rider to optimise the tyre by adjusting inflation pressure. For dry track days, deflating the tyre will deliver predictable and tenacious handling on the limit. Back on the road, re-inflating to the manufacturer’s recommended pressures will reward the rider with class-leading levels of grip and performance.



Jointless Tread (JLT) strip-winding technology allows multiple compounds to be precisely positioned on the tyre to achieve advantages in durability, wear resistance, grip from the tread centre to shoulder and high-speed tyre stability.