High mileage, even-wear characteristics, and great grip - the all-new Dunlop Elite 4. The new standard for tourers and cruisers.

  • Easy to steer and turn
  • Excellent straight-line, braking and cornering stability on dry and wet
  • A new standard for mileage and versatility in the Dunlop product line
Fitment SIZE DESCRIPTION Load/Speed TT/TL Product Code
FRONT 16 130/90B16 73H TL ELITE 4 73H TL 635375
FRONT 17 150/80R17 72H TL ELITE 4 72H TL 636167
FRONT 18 130/70-18 63H TL ELITE 4 63H TL 635378
FRONT 18 130/70R18 63H TL ELITE 4 63H TL 635374
REAR 16 160/80B16 80H TL ELITE 4 80H TL 635377
REAR 16 180/60R16 80H TL ELITE 4 80H TL 635373
REAR 16 200/55R16 77H TL ELITE 4 77H TL 637144
REAR 18 250/40R18 81V TL ELITE 4 81V TL 636170

What this tyre gives you.

Dunlop tyre technologies

We were the first to apply race tyre performance standards to street tyres. With engineers and designers across Europe, Japan and North America.



Years of success in global Superbike, Endurance and GP championships have resulted in the development of a pioneering multi-compound, which is transferred to many of our current Sportmax track and road products. By mixing compounds, the same tyre can display different performance properties at maximum leaning angles than when upright during straight line speed.