The sportier option within the Dunlop range of Harley-Davidson co-branded tyres.

  • Shares a computer-optimised tread profile with the highly appraised Arrowmax StreetSmart
  • GT502 offers confidence on all surfaces, while reducing cupping for even wear
  • Three-ply polyester casing with two fibreglass belts for greater load-carrying capacity and stability
Fitment SIZE DESCRIPTION Load/Speed TT/TL Product Code
FRONT 19 100/90-19 57V TL GT502 (HARLEY.D) 57V TL 627374
FRONT 19 120/70R19 60V TL GT502 (HARLEY.D) 60V TL 635414
FRONT 21 80/90-21 54V TL GT502 (HARLEY.D) 54V TL 628184
REAR 16 130/90B16 67V TL GT502 (HARLEY.D) 67V TL 627371
REAR 16 150/80B16 71V TL GT502 (HARLEY.D) 71V TL 627372
REAR 17 180/60B17 75V TL GT502 (HARLEY.D) 75V TL 620380
REAR 18 150/70R18 70V TL GT502 (HARLEY.D) 70V TL 635415