Trailmax Mixtour is the result of our pursuit of balance between on-road touring, dirt running performance and good value. All inspired by the concept of modern adventure bikes.

  • By blending silica and carbon for front and rear tyres, you get dry and wet grip with good mileage. The compound offers good abrasion resistance and suppresses block chipping
  • The Trailmax Mixtour block pattern is aimed at finding traction on a wide variety of surfaces. By arranging the tread so that the pattern rigidity from upright to full bank is uniform, you can enjoy linear handling
  • Both high-speed stability on the road and predictable handling off-road are achieved through a conventional cut-breaker front construction combined with a JLB rear casing
Fitment SIZE DESCRIPTION Load/Speed TT/TL Product Code
FRONT 17 120/70R17 58H TL TRX MIXTOUR 58H TL 637056
FRONT 19 110/80R19 59V TL TRX MIXTOUR 59V TL 637826
FRONT 19 120/70R19 60V TL TRX MIXTOUR 60V TL 637827
FRONT 21 90/90-21 54H TT TRX MIXTOUR 54H TT 637830
REAR 15 160/60R15 67H TL TRX MIXTOUR 67H TL 637055
REAR 17 150/70R17 69V TL TRX MIXTOUR 69V TL 637828
REAR 17 160/60R17 69H TL TRX MIXTOUR 69H TL 636696
REAR 17 170/60R17 72V TL TRX MIXTOUR 72V TL 637829
REAR 18 150/70R18 70H TT TRX MIXTOUR 70H TT 637831

What this tyre gives you.




Today's technology enables us to make yesterday's highest performance accessible to a wide audience of riders who rely on their adventure bikes for daily service.