The adventure tyre that takes you wherever the road takes you.

  • Revised tread pattern for improved* mileage
  • Improved* wet performance, right up to the limit
  • Optimal balance between on- and off-road capabilities
  • Exceptional cornering grip in all conditions
  • Size kit adapted to suit the latest high-performance adventure bikes
Fitment SIZE DESCRIPTION Load/Speed TT/TL Product Code
FRONT 19 100/90-19 57H TL TRAILSMART 57H TL 634143
REAR 17 130/80-17 65S TL TRAILSMART 65S TL 634141

What this tyre gives you.



TrailSmart is Dunlop’s next generation trail tyre for medium to large displacement adventure bikes. TrailSmart takes inspiration from the market-leading Trailmax TR91, maintaining a similar groove pattern that provides superior grip* in all conditions, dynamic handling combined with a high level of feedback and precise steering. * When compared to Trailmax TR91


What’s more, TrailSmart offers considerably higher mileage*, achieved by increasing the land to sea ratio, reducing the groove width and length while at the same time redistributing the tread blocks. Offering optimum on-road performance, TrailSmart allows the more adventurous rider to push on where paved roads end and gravel trails begin. * When compared to Trailmax TR91

Dunlop tyre technologies

We were the first to apply race tyre performance standards to street tyres. With engineers and designers across Europe, Japan and North America.



All our radial street tyres are designed using a combination of Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) as well as JointLess Belt (JLB) construction (either front or rear). JLB construction eliminates the belt overlaps resulting in smoother handling and a more stable contact patch with the road.