Tyre Guides, Tips & Advice

Buying Tyres

A collection of guides and articles designed to help you make an informed choice when buying new tyres:

When to Replace Your Tyres

Choosing the Right Tyre 

Talking to Your Dealer

SUV Tyres

Van Tyres

Seasonality & Hazardous Weather Conditions

Learn more around how seasonality can impact your tyres, the choice of tyre used and how to approach hazardous weather conditions that can make driving difficult: 

Winter Tyres

Summer Tyres vs All Season Tyres

How to be Prepared for All Weather

Driving in the Rain

Can You Use Summer Tyres in Winter?

Dunlop tyres fitted to Audi TT driving through winter conditions

Tyre Care & Maintenance

A variety of guides and articles with helpful tips to looking after your tyres, ensure optimal performance and maximising overall lifespan:


How to Check Tyre Pressure

How to Check Tyre Treads

How to Maintain Your Tyres

How to Rotate Car Tyres

How to Fix a Flat Tyre

How to Change a Flat Tyre

Tyre Knowledge

A range of articles and how-to's on understanding your tyres and the technology that goes into making every Dunlop tyre perform best on your vehicle: 


How to Read Your Tyre's Sidewall Markings

How Tyres are Made

The EU Tyre Label

Tyre Testing

Spare Tyres

How to Check Your Tyres Before MOT

What is Wheel Alignment?

What is Tyre Balancing?

How do Run Flat Tyres Work?

Mixing Tyres

Tyre Glossary

The Right Tyre For You

Find a Dealer

Technology and Innovation