What Are The Best Tyres for SUVs?

How To Find The Best Tyres for Your SUV

When the time comes to replace or find new tyres for your SUV, there are several factors you should factor into your tyre choice:

  • OE Tyres – A great place to start when looking for tyres is checking what came on your SUV as Original Equipment (OE), these tyres are designed in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturer to optimise the handling and performance of your vehicle
  • Fitment – An easy way to search for what tyres are available to fit your SUV is to enter your tyre size into the Dunlop Tyre Finder to help narrow down your choice or read more on understanding your tyre size
  • Weather & Seasonality – In terms of weather/seasonality there are three key patterns to choose from:

Summer Tyres: Designed for temperatures of above 7°c as a rule of thumb, able to deal with temperate conditions such as sunshine and showers

Winter Tyres: Generally recommended for temperatures below 7°c as the compound within the tyre will withstand colder weather and be able to provide optimal grip and traction should there be any wintery showers or snow

All Season Tyres: combine the ability to cope with most UK weather conditions whether it’s sunny showers, wet weather or the occasional snow shower – a hybrid of winter and summer tyres

  • Driving Style – Consider how many miles you cover each year and the characteristics that mean most to your driving style such as optimal handling, traction, city or motorway miles, etc.
  • Noise Rating – Some SUV tyres can cause additional cabin noise, to provide a more comfortable driving experience for you and your passengers consider choosing an SUV tyre that features the Dunlop NoiseShield Technology that works to actively minimise cabin noise from tyres 

Dunlop's Best SUV Tyres

In the Dunlop product range there are several SUV patterns to choose from, here's our pick of the best ones: 

SportMaxx RT2 SUV

A performance SUV tyre with precision steering and excellent grip
  • Optimal steering precision
  • Firm grip on dry and wet roads
  • Excellent handling on corners


The SportMaxx RT2 took second place in the 2020 Auto Bild Summer 4x4 Tyre Test, proving an all around excellent performance - esepcially in high precision steering and braking in both wet and dry conditions. 

SP Quattromaxx

Sports car precision and driving pleasure for high performance SUVs
  • Supberb road feedback
  • Good grip on wet and dry roads
  • High aquaplaning resistance

What's The Difference Between SUV and Car Tyres?

Although SUV and car tyres may seem the same, SUV tyres are designed to deal with the additional demands of a vehicle often has a higher ride height and additional weight. SUVs have a higher centre of gravity due to their height over a normal car so when cornering at speed the tyres can be impacted by greater force around the shoulder and tread area. The design takes this into account to provide optimum handling for an SUV.  
Dunlop SUV tyre in wet road conditions

How To Look After Your SUV Tyres

Similar to looking after car tyres, it is essential to look after your SUV tyres properly to maintain performance until they require replacing:

  • Check tyre pressures regularly as tyres will naturally lose pressure over time – maintaining the recommended pressure level will maintain fuel efficiency as well as preventing any damage from under or over inflation
  • Check tyre treads often for damage or wear towards the legal limit of 1.6mm
  • Look for signs of wheel misalignment such as the SUV pulling towards one side as your dive or uneven tyre wear
  • Rotate your tyres at intervals of around 6000 miles (or interval recommended in your owners handbook) to extend tyre life
  • Maintain good driver habits by avoiding harsh acceleration or braking

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