Our heritage

Looking back, we’ve always looked forward

Our story began with a moment of innovation – when John Boyd Dunlop invented the pneumatic tyre in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1888.

From that moment onwards, the Dunlop name has been associated with breakthroughs in tyre technology – and the high performance that our customers expect. 

For the joy of driving

The more you can feel the road, the more control you have. With more control, you can explore new heights of performance. And that’s when driving becomes a real pleasure.

That need to push the boundaries of performance is the inspiration behind every tyre Dunlop makes. From our race-winning rubber to, tyres made for popular consumer models, we strive to maximize the driver’s sense of control.

Our reputation for performance is why top car manufacturers fit our tyres as standard – and why we continually introduce new tyre technologies to enhance the efficiency, control and pleasure of your drive.

Passion for performance

From that first tyre over 125 years ago, we’ve continually worked to develop new tyre technology. We’re still pushing boundaries today, using our hard-won knowledge and experience to improve our products.

This passion for performance has kept us innovating, and developed our reputation as a race-winning brand. And you’ll see the results of our research throughout our entire range (just check our technology and innovation page to see what we mean).

Dunlop will always stand for the leading edge of tyre technology, because we’ll never stop looking for new ways to bring drivers that thrilling sense of control and performance.