We don’t perform: We ultra high perform.

Dunlop UHP tires set technical benchmarks.

Our engineers aim for nothing less than perfection when building an ultra high performance (UHP) tire. Every aspect of the drive is taken into consideration: the car’s characteristics and potentials, the road and weather conditions and of course all the challenging driving situations like speeding up, braking and cornering.

Based on their motorsport knowledge they develop technical solutions that are perfectly tuned to the highest demands.

Watch the videos below and learn more about Dunlop ultra high performance tires.

Powerful tires for powerful cars.

Get to know how our well-engineered ultra high performance tires increase the sporty performance of your car. 

Your high tech advantage on the road.

Find out how ultra high performance tires improve the steering precision and responsiveness of your car.

Master the winter challenge.

Discover how first-class winter tires help your performance car to deal with rain, frost and snow.