Sport Maxx RT 2

A champion in grip and steering precision

  • Enhanced cornering grip on wet and dry roads*
  • Increased road feedback and steering precision*
  • Shorter braking distance, especially at high speeds*

Run on flat

On road

Rim protection


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Summer Sport Maxx RT 2

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EU Performance ratings

Sport Maxx RT 2
B-D Fuel efficiency
Fuel efficiency is a measure of the tyre's rolling resistance. A tyre with low rolling resistance is more fuel efficient since it requires less energy to roll.
A-B Wet Grip
Wet grip is a measure of tyre's braking ability on wet roads.
A-B External noise
The external noise generated by the tyre, measured in decibels.
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What the test results say...

  • evoUK November 10, 2021

    evoUK November 10, 2021

    The Sport Maxx RT 2 delivered excellent aquaplane results, was agile on the dry track and ranked second on the road route for its balance of feelsome steering and good ride comfort. Recommended. BLACKCIRCLES SAYS… More than 2200 reviews have resulted in an overall customer rating of 4.6/5 for the Dunlop, many commenting on its low noise and reliable grip.

    Place 4 of 9, Size: 225/40R18
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  • Key benefits
  • Technologies

Increased road feedback and steering precision

Reduce the diameter and the coating to get them closer to the road and boost steering precision

Enhanced cornering grip on wet and dry roads

Deliver enhanced strength and stifness thanks to more rubber-to-road contact and ensure a better cornering grip

Shorter braking distance, especially at high speeds

Optimizes geometry leading to increased block rigidity ensuring a shorter high speed braking distance

*Compared to the average of the premium competitors in the test. Tested against 4 direct Premium competitors in September 2015 by TÜV SÜD Automotive (Report No. 713066268 ) in Mireval; size 225/45R17 91Y; Golf VI 1.4 TSI and Golf VI GTi.

Jointless Belt (JLB)

A Hybrid Overlay Technology that reduces circumferential deformations at high speeds.Benefits Superior high speed stability; smooth and even wear.

Maximum Flange Shield (MFS)

A rim flange protection system. MFS employs a profile of rubber that runs around the circumference of the tyre above the wheel flange. This creates a protective buffer zone.* Benefits Protects expensive alloy wheels from kerbing.* Only available in select sizes

Asymmetric Tread Design

Asymmetric tread design provides improved handling and aquaplaning resistance. The continuous center rib increases stability and precision. The asymmetric groove arrangement enhances grip on wet and dry surfaces.Benefits Improved performance on straight lines and around corners; increased resistance to aquaplaning.

Flatter tread profile

The new generation of Dunlop tyres features a flatter tread profile with a 4-8% bigger contact patch, depending on size and type of tyre. A bigger contact patch delivers more stability and enhanced road feedback, allowing tires to respond quickly and precisely.Benefits Increased stability and steering precision; reduced heel and toe wear; excellent cornering stability and precision; superior dry grip.

Multi Radius Tread (MRT)

MRT designs employ ten different radii and are therefore more precise. This results in highly effective pressure deployment on the road contact patch. The effect is smoother transitions from straight to corner, leading to more precise and progressive reactions.Benefits Significantly better control over the evolution of the footprint in all driving conditions; responsive wet and dry handling; increased cornering control.

Power Braking Blocks

High stiffness blocks that maintain rigidity when braking force is applied. The increased stiffness helps to ensure optimal road contact when braking at high speeds.Benefits Shorter braking distances, especially at high speeds.

Dual Silica Compound

This compound improves acceleration performance and promotes low wear and tear.Benefits Superb braking and acceleration performance; excellent handling on summer and autumn roads; high grip; wear resistance.

Sport Maxx RT 2

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