Summer and all-season tyres

Summer and all-season tyres

What are the differences?

Summer tyres

Summer tyres handle and grip well on dry and wet roads, and work best above 7°C.

Reasons to choose summer tyres:

  • Braking: they have increased stopping power on wet and dry roads.
  • Responsiveness: they’ll make steering quick and accurate – especially during hard cornering – making them a must for keen drivers.
  • Handling: with their softer rubber compounds they help you tackle twists, turns and other obstacles.
  • If you own winter tyres: if you already have a set of winter tyres for colder months, consider summer tyres for the warmer months.

Summer tyre technologies


Look out for these technologies in our summer tyres:


  • Maximum Flange Shield (MFS): a rim flange protection system. A profile of rubber runs around the circumference of the tyre, creating a buffer zone for the rim.
  • Silica-Plus Compound: The silica-plus rubber compound is a motorsport-derived tread compound that gives better adherence to the road.
  • Specific Bead Seat System: A system that strengthens the link between tyre and rim to give you maximum control, a more precise driving experience and outstanding road feedback.

All-season tyres

In countries where temperatures rarely drop below freezing in winter, and where only occasional light snowfall occurs, you might want to consider all-season tyres.

Dunlop’s all-season tyres meet high standards for performance in winter conditions and bear the same ‘M+S‘ and ‘Snowflake’ designations as winter tyres. This means you can use them in countries where winter tyres are required by law.

Choose all-season tyres if:

  • You have milder winters: if the temperature in your region doesn’t drop below -5°C (if it goes lower, you should use winter tyres)
  • You like simplicity: conditions allowing, you can use the same set of tyres year round
  • Space is a concern: when you’re unable to store and fit a second set of tyres

For the best performance in winter conditions, we recommend fitting a set of dedicated winter tyres.

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